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The Importance of Restaurant Business Plans

Restaurant Business Plans | Restaurant Business Planning

Jeff Garcia CPA can assist with your Restaurant Business Planning.

Starting a business is a tall task.  Starting a restaurant business is even a taller task in our professional opinion.  Jeff Garcia CPA has the expertise in helping small to medium restaurant businesses put their restaurant business plan together.  Restaurant business plans are imperative for any new franchise group seeking any type of financing.  The future restaurateur has several things to focus on to be successful.

  • Banks want to see you have a clear and precise plan to start and get your restaurant up and running.
  • The banks will also expect you to know all the different aspects of running a restaurant business like local competition and local store marketing.

Schedule a time to speak with us to go over your current restaurant business plan and let us help you provide your bank the necessary financials of your restaurant business plan whether you are new to the food/restaurant industry or a seasoned pro.

Valuable Research Information Assists in Developing Restaurant Business Plans

Jeff Garcia CPA is here to help you research information for your restaurant business plan and warn you about any encounter that may cause problems you hadn’t considered previously, such as certain tax forms to file with the state and other tax laws.

Below is just a sample list of detail we will go over in putting together your Restaurant Business Plan.

  1. Executive Summary-
  2. Company Description –
  3. Market/Industry Analysis-
  4. Competition-
  5. Marketing-
  6. Restaurant Business Operation-
  7. Management & Ownership-
  8. Funding –
  9. Break even analysis –
  10. Balance Sheet –

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